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New Acquisitions pt 2

The previous post listed the first ten books alphabetically by author from my Eastercon haul.  Here’s the next lot. William Gibson – Spook Country ARC Not actually a purchase, I won this on the BSFA tombola.  They had just set … Continue reading

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Some new acquisitions

So there I was at the 2011 Eastercon, Illustrious, over the weekend, having multiple fascinating, deep and inspiring conversations about SFF literature.  And there was the usual dealers’ room, where I could always find friends.  Some dealers are friends, and … Continue reading

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30 Day Book Challenge

I thought I might give this ago.  Not necessarily over thirty days, things might get in the way but lets see what happens. (courtesy of here ) Day 01-Your favorite Book Day 02-Least Favorite Book Day 03-A Book that completely … Continue reading

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The Women Men Do See?

I’ve been thinking about that supposed truism that Men Don’t Read Books by Women, and wondering where it comes from.  More to the point, how true is it and does it become self-fulfilling prophecy if publishers take it as a … Continue reading

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