New Acquisitions pt 2

The previous post listed the first ten books alphabetically by author from my Eastercon haul.  Here’s the next lot.

William Gibson – Spook Country ARC
Not actually a purchase, I won this on the BSFA tombola.  They had just set up, suspect I was the first to try my luck so I got a full choice.  I haven’t read Gibson for ages but many seem to like this one.

Zenna Henderson – The Anything Box
Short story collection from the 50s by the author of the slightly better known People stories.  Not sure how they stand up in 2011 but worth a look.

Diana Wynne Jones -Archer’s Goon.
Some of my friends may be shocked to learn I have read very little DWJ and the last I read I didn’t like much at all.  I keep hearing Archer’s Goon recommended so I popped it on the pile.

Graham Joyce – Leningrad Nights.
Another of those cheap novellas I mentioned last time, and also signed.  Joyce is one of those dark fantasy authors I don’t follow per se but keep meaning to and usually like when I do.  The Silent Land was one of my books of 2010 so hopefully Leningrad Nights is as good.

R.A.Lafferty – Fourth Mansions
There has never been an SF writer quite like Lafferty.  Not even stylistic peers like Davidson coupled it with the furious imaginations of Lafferty.  I am not sure I don’t already have Fourth Mansions but if I do there are few other authors I’d take more delight in introducing an unsuspecting friend to.

Mary Soon Lee – Winter Shadows and other tales.
I’m sure I’ve read some of Lee’s stories in Interzone but don’t remember specifics, so I grabbed this slim collection out of curiosity. 

Fritz Leiber – Conjure Wife
One of these days I’ll do a proper post on Urban Fantasy, and this, along with Ray Bradbury, will be Exhibit A.  Lankhmar is in print and there is an excellent Selected Stories edited by Jonathan Strahan but Leiber also wrote excellent dark fantasy like this.

Richard A Lupoff – Space War Blues
Been curious about this for ages, so add it to the pile.  One of those 70s slightly weird novels that may be outdated now or might not.

Ian R MacLeod -Hector Douglas Makes A Sale
This is a chapbook companion to MacLeod’s next book from PS.  I had a couple of good conversations with Ian at Eastercon, about his troubled publishing history and more.

Vonda McIntyre – Dreamsnake.
A Hugo winner by a near forgotten woman author?  A case for a Masterworks edition?  I said previously I haven’t read this, now I’ve no excuse.

(End of part 2)

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