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What Have the Aliens Ever Done For Us? Some thoughts on Judith Moffett’s Holy Ground Trilogy.

Aliens remain a potent symbol in the literature, usually now in Earthbound stories in which their alienness is intended to cast a satirical, ironic or revealing light upon our selves and our society. — Paul Kincaid, Call and Response p44 … Continue reading

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The Cutting Season – Attica LockeĀ 

Attica Locke’s second novel opens with the discovery of a murder and concludes with the solving of that crime.  The identification of the killer is however secondary here to the setting, which in itself makes the murder a consequence. Belle … Continue reading

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Ever After – Lisa GoldsteinĀ 

Fairytales have meanings. If you believe Betelheim, for instance, they are heavily laden metaphors for puberty & sexual awakening. If you look elsewhere you’ll find them described as consolatory fables by Calvino; offering hope of release from poverty and subjection. … Continue reading

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