I didn’t make New Year’s Resolutions as such, but I’ve been thinking about plans for this blog in coming months.

Firstly, I hope to post more frequently and in more depth.  I am pleased with several reviews already on here for their analysis and their readability, but I think I should and can improve on both those aspects.

As for what I post about, I have tentative plans for more music writing. Not album reviews as such, more personal, polemical or proselytical pieces. I know how much you like those.

I expect it to remain mostly books and related pieces though.  As usual trying to restore attention to neglected women authors of the past and present, particularly SF but never exclusively so.  In addition (and obviously overlapping at times) I want to read and discuss more writing by Authors of Colour or in translation.  I haven’t set a specific schedule as some reading challenges do, but amongst those I’m considering are NK Jemisin, Alex Wheatle, Minister Faust, Bernardine Evaristo, Joanna Sinisalo, Nalo Hopkinson, Tatyana Tolstaya and Ernest Hogan. Recommendations welcome as ever!

So far I haven’t seen announcements for quite so many *must buy immediately* titles in 2012 as last year, but it is early yet.  One I’ve just seen mentioned by the author on twitter is a second novel from Attica Locke whose debut Black Water Rising I loved a couple of years ago.  (Locke also fits that reading challenge.)  There is also a new Kim Stanley Robinson novel due, which is always great, and I’m really looking forward to Lucius Shepard’s Griaule collection too.

Other than that, watch this space.

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About Kev McVeigh

Review of literary matters, mostly but not all SFF , and digressions into music and other arts. Engagement welcomed.
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